Sleep Tight

This “where to sleep guide” is not for the faint of heart. There will be no listings for that sought-after comfy B&B or directions to that gem of a hostel, right in the heart of the city. No, this guide appeals to those who choose to forge a different path. A courageous path. A path not marked by road signs but dollar signs- or lack thereof.

The classic car scenario. You rented a car that has cost you more than your life is worth due to extra fees for being under 25 and some “necessary insurance”. Please.

You laughed with the car over parallel parking mishaps. Had messy dinners with the car that consisted of two litres of milk that had to be chugged because you had no fridge or cooler. Along with other countless memories. Remember when you hit that tree? Your car does. Remember when you drove on dirt roads for three hours following some hippies because, naturally, they know where free camping is? Your car does. Remember when you had to drive over some large road kill and it got lodged in the underbelly? Your car sure does. That being said, if you were to park in some alleyway, away from society’s judgemental eye, that would just bring you and your car that much closer.

-watch for road signs/ areas where you may be ticketed. That is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.
-make note of gate enclosures. The last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere until an allotted time. Just because you think the car will flawlessly crash through the gate, in a badass fashion does not make it a reality.
-park next to necessities such as a park with a toilet. Or perhaps a 24-hour McDonalds (free wifi available there or Hungry Jacks)
– for compact cars try and sleep one in the front seat without the steering wheel and one in the back (put bags on the driver’s seat)
– lights can be bothersome so be cautious. What is seemingly dark at 5pm may become a Vegas light show at night.

Early morning flight? Even if it is not that early, this next personal favourite is sure to please.

“Luxurious” is the first word that comes to mind when sleeping in an airport is concerned. Oftentimes, there are showers available (usually free but test the water temperature prior to getting in- some may just have cold water). Chairs and the floor are also available to sleep upon. As a bonus, periodically throughout the night, you get the soothing automated “please do not leave your bags unattended” message that will gently send you off to dreamland.

Please note: some airports may close during certain parts of the night. Adelaide International closes between 11pm and 4 am or there about. Before you begin to despair, the outside area has a shelter and benches so (according to the cop I talked to) you can stay there. The police patrol the area often so it’s nice and safe. At least that’s what they tell me so if I’m not here in the morning please make a note.

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