Frugal Fixes

Footwear Frustration

Sandals, flip flops or thongs are not the most durable footwear. This is especially true if you purchase, neh, invest in a respectable $4.95 pair.

You’re casually walking, then out of the blue, the top strap that your toes fit around breaks. Curses!

Your flip-flops have flopped.

But not all is lost. The tormented Frodo was able to part with the ring and you too can free yourself of this heavy burden. Not by purchasing a new pair. No, no, one does not simply give up that easily.

Step 1: take a clasp used to tie the bag of a loaf of bread
Step 2: put it at the bottom of your sandal around the base of the strap
Step 3: fixed

sandal fix

Smell You Later

You sit there one Friday evening trying to decipher what it is. Hours later you conclude; wet towel, musty clothes with just a hint of citrus. How on earth your glorious room ended up reeking of this scent is unfathomable. With all the torment the stench has brought you, you begin to eye the dusty vacuum in the corner. The cleaning agents begin whispering sweet nothings in your ears; “use me” they taunt. Your shaking hand stretches out towards the cruel creations that cause you to partake in manual labour. Not to worry! The righteous hand of a quick fix slaps you silly before you can exert too much energy.

Step 1: Find the used-up end bits of a deodorant stick. I don’t care how you go about doing this, I don’t judge.
Step 2: Wedge the pieces into the bars of the fan guard.
Step 3: Turn on the fan and bask in the sweet smell of success.

Try This: for those adventurous folk; take dryer sheets and tie them onto the bars of the fan. Really play with the mix of scents and test them out until you find one that suits you.

fan with deodorant

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