Efteling, Netherlands

No, I didn’t just make up that word. It is the name of a fan-fricken-tastic amusement park in the Netherlands. It’s based on the Brothers Grimm fairy-tales. Now, you may think oh but I am just simply too old to go to a fairy-tale amusement park. WRONG. Well, mostly wrong. There is one ride that you are denied entry on if you’re over 12 years old but it’s a lame-ass bike one that you have to peddle yourself around a stupid track. Just don’t embarrass yourself by standing in line too eagerly like some people did…

For real though, there are 5+ adult rides. I am talking about proper roller coasters. There is also a bitchin’ horse show called Raveleijn (that you need to reserve tickets for, for free, at an info kiosk) and a water/ light show called Aquanura, also bitchin’. Since the water show has lights, I recommend going when it’s darker/twilight. I saw an 8:45 pm show and it was spot on.

As far as prices go, I suggest waiting for a deal from Spoordeel or Albert Heijn or something similar because normally entrance tickets alone are 35 euros, but we got a Spoordeel for 40 euros inclusive of all public transport and park ticket. Since the park is a way out from den Bosch, Tilburg and Eindhoven, having the train/ bus included was well worth it. The bus drops you right off at the park, although it is a 6-minute walk (ish) to the front gate. If you go by public transport, just check when the last bus goes because, for us, the park closed at 11:00 pm but the last bus to den Bosch was also at 11:00 pm. So be wary if you hate running as much as I do. You can also drive there. There were loads of parking spots which may or may not be free. I am not rich enough to own a car to find out, so you will have to Google it.

Food in the park is pricey but not outrageous, depending on where you go. You can bring your own food and drink into the park so that is what most (Dutch) people do. If you grab an Unox worst it is about 3.50, a Twister popsicle was 1.75. Mind you, these are from the stands, which are considerably cheaper than going to a dine-in restaurant. We never scoped out how much those places were since we felt money flying out of our wallets just going near them. Bring a water bottle because there are free fountains outside the toilets in the Mareijk area on the map and in front of the toilets at Fata Morgana Plein. You can also drink the water from the washroom taps. At least I did and never got sick.

I thought that we would be bored going for the entire day but if anything, it was just right. Wait times vary but if you download the app, you get a good estimate of the lines.

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