It was GrØd

I went to Copenhagen and now half of what was in my bank account is gone. Mind you, I did eat out every meal so that’s maybe why but you can never be too certain. Copenhagen is clean, small and how do I best put this? Well-to-do. I arrived late on a Thursday and had an evening flight on Sunday. Not to say that it was too much time but we definitely could have done it all in a day and a half.


Tivoli: This is one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe according to Wikipedia and a sign. The entrance was 120 DKK (16 euros).

Do you like going on rides? YES!? … because they cost extra.

I think it was about 4 euros per ride, depending on which ones you do. I read online beforehand that just walking around the park is nice and I have to admit, it was. There are immaculate gardens and the park is just cute. They even have a small, lawnmower robot that cuts the grass. There are more restaurants than rides but it was still a magical atmosphere. Included in your entrance ticket are the shows. We saw some modern dance show, listened to some music on the main stage and saw the light show in the evening.

Do you like parades? YES!? ..  well if it is raining it will be cancelled.

We never ate/ drank in the park because you can actually leave and come back in on your same ticket as long as you get a stamp before you go via the world of food/ food hall exit. Since it was raining, we left to get tea from outside the park then we entered again before the 10:45pm viewing of the light show. We arrived 25/30 minutes early thinking that it would be packed since the best viewpoint is from the one small bridge but in all honesty, we could have arrived 5 minutes early and still been fine. Most people didn’t even know it was happening.

Do you like fireworks? YES?! … well they will be cancelled if there is a fire ban.

The Small Lady with a Fish Tail Statue

Also known as the Little Mermaid statue. She sits on a rock about 2 meters from the staircase that leads down to the water. This mythical creature can usually not be seen clearly because she is surrounded by busloads of tourists climbing and taking photos of her.


This is that amazing harbour with the stunning coloured buildings that you always see on Instagram. I know this because I am guilty of posting this exact picture on Instagram.


This is one of those free-town, squatters’ places. I wasn’t a huge fan. My friend recommended we have a drink here but I am not super into being drugged so I decided against it. To find the entrance you can basically just follow the homeless people walking.


Before I left, I created a list of all the things to see, which I thought was a lot but since you can walk the city in under a couple hours, it turned out to be not much. We spent most of our time at a lovely games bar/cafe called Bastard Cafe. You can pay to use all the games but there are about 50 that are free to play.

Nom Noms

GRØD: this is a delicious porridge/yoghurt place that also does some things for dinner. It was wholesome, fresh food. It was 30 DKK for tea and 55 for the porridge, which comes to about 12 euros.

Hallernes Smørrebrød: Since these are open-faced sandwiches, you basically need two to make one whole sandwich. Delicious but also 11 euros a piece. I went to the one located at the food hall called Torvehallerne near our hostel. The food hall was amazing, there is a GRØD in there as well.

DOP Biological Hot Dog stand: I had a yummy Danish hot dog here. It is located near the Round tower at Købmagergade 50.

Paludan Bog and Cafe: Another good pick was this book cafe called Paludan Bog and Cafe. You need to find your seat first before you order. I had a divine meat/ cheese platter here.

Overall, Copenhagen was hygge (if I use that word correctly) but it was also costly (I know I use that word correctly).

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