Day trip from Cambridge by public transport: Ely

I’m going to casually slide this post in here, acting like I didn’t have a million-year hiatus from writing. It’s fine. I’m fine. We are all doing fine.

The last thing I remember was living in Cambridge so let’s relive that for a hot minute.

Ely is crazy close to Cambridge and is one of the few spots where getting here by train is quicker than by car. It’s a whopping 16 minutes by train!

Ely is sweet for an afternoon adventure. There is a small market, and a big cathedral (it’s not worth paying the fee to go to the glass art installation upstairs that was there 13 months ago). Behind the cathedral (or surrounding it, depending on where you are standing) you can have a nice picnic in the gardens. There is also a cafe here that looks just darling.

That is kind of it- there is one Tudor house here that used to be home to a politician (question mark). The picture on the far left I don’t even know if that was actually taken in Ely- I’m about 60% sure.

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