Every Damn Time

London has a billion airports- or, you know, six. Luton, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southend and City. Half of these you can’t even say are London airports because you basically land and then have to sit in the plane driving for a million hours, take public transport, then swim and twirl your way into actual London. When you see the prices, you think, awe YAY but it’s really awe NAY. Yah and nay should rhyme if you pronounce it the way I was hoping you would read it.

This is now the third time I have flown into London, Luton Airport. And every damn time I make the same mistake of flying into Luton Airport. Mistake isn’t the right word. I knowingly choose Luton, it is more that I forget about the whole it takes an hour and a half to get into London centre and more importantly, it costs a good amount of money to get there.

You can take the National Express or Green Line coaches from Luton into the centre, but if you don’t book a return journey online, it will cost you £12 each way at the ticket machine. You can save some money by booking a round-trip bus ticket online but since I never know which station I am leaving to get back to the airport, I don’t dare. Trains are even pricier (£17.40), which includes a transfer coach to/ from the actual airport since the closest train station isn’t very close to the Luton terminal. My 75-euro flight to Luton ends up costing me 105 euros. Yes, this is normally still cheaper than the flights to Heathrow but still, I am whingeing so let me whinge.

Heathrow, on the other hand, is connected to the tube so you can buy an Oyster card and save yourself heaps of money. Journeys are almost half the price when you use the card. The Heathrow Express is quicker but it is also an express-way-to-shit-your-pants because it costs so much.

On a different note- this time in London, I wanted to see the spectacular views from the Sky Garden. We tried to book a time slot online but the site didn’t work, so we just showed up. The lineup was around the building, going so far back that it was basically in Shakespearean times. Everyone had tickets that were being scanned. So instead of walking in, we walked on and into a pub.


  • buy an Oyster Card
  • use the toilets in the free museums
  • book Sky Garden in advance

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