Czech It Out

The first time I went to Prague, the city went straight to the top of my all-time favs list. I went back recently and it’s still magic, just throw in a few (hundred) more tourists and security control around the castle. I went up the Old Town Hall Tower this time, which has a wonderful view but it comes with a price tag (250CZK/ 9.50 euros for adults, 150CZK/ 5.00 euros for students), which is outrageous. Probably because they put in this stupid Willy Wonka elevator through the middle of the tower, no thanks, I’ll walk.

In a brochure (I know, right? they do still make these), I saw a stunning library inside the Strahov Monastery. It looked ideal with wooden bookshelves, gorgeous ceiling paintings and a large globe. One library to rule them all. So I went out of my way to the complex and had to pay 50 cents to enter, which I thought was a steal. It turns out, the library wasn’t in that wing of the building so I paid 50 cents to walk down a hallway and back. Apparently, you need to book a 60 euro tour, which includes a generous 30 seconds to peer into the library from behind a rope or glass partisan or some bull shit. Google reviews speak highly of it but that loss of 50 cents will forever be burned in my memory.

North of Prague is a town called Melnik, which is home to a creepy crypt full of 10 000-15 000 skulls and bones. I almost threw up when I walked in so clearly it’s not really my thing. My Czech friend referred to the one at Sedlec Ossuary as having a “beautiful” chandelier. Is that the word you would use to describe dead bodies formed into home decor? I think I would call it deranged- psychopath but maybe that’s your thing- no judgements.

I can’t even begin to describe how delicious and CHEAP the food is here. In Prague, our friends took us to a place I can’t pronounce called Ceska kuchyne (add some accents on the letters). It reminded me of a cafeteria where you get to choose from a list of things but modify it as you want it. Do you want 3 bread dumplings or 2, do you want mashed or baked potatoes as a side? You are given a slip of paper when you walk in so make sure you don’t lose it because, in the end, you need it to pay (after they write down your order on it). After you take your tray, order, sit down to eat and when you go to walk out the person in the wooden cube office will ask you for your paper so they know what to charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if this restaurant was in Lonely Planet book or something because there were some lost-looking tourists there.

I tried one of those churro-type cones called Trdelník filled with whipped cream and strawberries. It was really expensive (5.50 euros)  but it was yummy in my tummy to the max.

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