Spur of the Moment

What I thought would happen: I had this idealistic scenario in my head, where I show up at the airport with a packed bag. I pick a flight off the departures board and then I hop on the plane to where ever. Hair blowing in the airport breeze, my smile radiating sunshine… am I gliding like an angel? Perhaps.

What actually happens: You show up at the airport with a packed bag. You pick a flight off the departures board and then proceed to the desk to purchase the ticket. Next, you pass out on the floor due to the outrageousness of the fare. No hair thing, no smile, and certainly no gliding. I even made up a word to describe how crazy it was.

I have come to the conclusion that spur-of-the-moment doesn’t exist. Most websites with last-minute deals, concern trips about a week or more after the impulsive moment has passed. They want you to dial back the drama.

You’re in the same boat when concerning last-minute hotels in person. When I arrived in Antwerp, Belgium with my mother at 9 pm on a Thursday in the middle of September, we were dumbfounded to find out there was a business convention in town so most hotels were booked. The charming woman at one hotel we tried to get a room at was elegant enough to say “showing up last minute just shows that you are really disorganized” while she insultingly laughed.

As my mother puts it “I hate that you have to book everything online these days… it’s RUDE.” Well-spoken.

I mean the internet is cool and all, I would never have been able to see a baby panda sneeze in real life but it’s ruining spontaneity.

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