Living Through the Lens

On more than one occasion, I may have set my camera to rapid shutter speed, stuck my hand out the bus window, held down the button and turned to face my travel buddy. We would talk about how beautiful the scenery is in the new country we were in and how amazing it was that we were witnessing all this.

Later, I look through the photos and out of the 29, most are blurry, 3 are respectable and 1 is good. Do you know what would have been better? If I had actually looked out the window to see the view with my own eyes. My camera sees more than I do. Yes, a camera is there to capture a memory but your brain also has a memory card. Trust me, if you are actually there in a moment and reminisce with your friends later on, it will be just as vivid as that photo. I am the worst for it. I take photos but don’t really soak in the enormity of the moment. It is an afterthought.

I always know how present I was by looking at a developed photo when I arrive home. Does it trigger an emotion or am I sitting there trying to recall when/ where the photo was taken? Occasionally, a photo can even distort something precious. It looks different on that tiny square than if I actually remember it on my own accord.

I have 3 types of photos in my albums:

1) people

2) 1 million photos of the same monument

3) something really zoomed in that you can’t quite make out. I am sure it was me trying to creep something that I thought was funny but also knowing my photography skills, I may have accidentally pressed the button.

In the future, I aim to use my own lenses more than the one I bought.

Now that I said it, I guess I have to follow through…

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