Cryptic Cans

Have you ever had it where you’ve downed enough liquid to fill the Indian Ocean and you rush to the toilet, only to be halted by a decision. Two options. One that will lead to relief, the other, to relief then mortification because at that point you probably already wet your pants. Washroom signs- am I right? Just a simple male, female picture would suffice. This is not the Da Vinci Code. I am simply doing a performance that every other human being on this planet will do. As yes, sometimes it is a performance. I do applaud myself, occasionally a pat on the back. All I am saying is why make it difficult when it’s a bodily function? I’ve had some gems- word puzzle-type indicators, stare at it long enough so your eyes go blurry and then you see the picture and can properly enter the right door… enough is enough. Have it like in India- a simple hole in the ground, no discrimination.

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