Now That You’re Poor…

So you’re in that classic situation where you’ve just spent all your hard-earned money on travelling and now you’ve come back home, completely broke. I am sure some a**hole has recently made some stupid comment to you, about how “life experiences can’t pay the rent”. Hopefully, your travels have matured you enough and you’ve refrained from hitting the individual. If not, well lucky for you, some of these suggestions to satisfy that travel thirst can be done from inside a jail cell.

Movies: Nothing beats sitting pantless, unshaven, watching a movie and yelling at the screen “I’VE BEEN THERE!”

Bridges of Madison County- No one melts my heart like Meryl.

The Way- If you’re at all interested in the Camino de Santiago give this bad boy a watch.

Departures– The best travel television series ever created. I know, I know, watching Bear Grylls skin a fish is THRILLING but this show takes the cake. I promise.

Libraries: I know I have mentioned these glorious wonders before but it is here you can spend your days getting lost in another world, without having to pay for a plane ticket!

Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry- Rachel Joyce Location: England

Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini Location: Afghanistan

City of Thieves- David Benioff Location: Soviet Union

State of Wonder- Ann Patchett Location: Brazil

Across Asia on the Cheap-Tony and Maureen Wheeler Location: Australia to Europe cerca 1973

SO I stumbled across this little gem while searching the internet. It is a copy of the original “book” that the founders of Lonely Planet created. Since it was written in 1973, the majority of it is outdated facts about costs etc. Also, I am sure that most references they make to the ease of travel are somewhat irrelevant nowadays BUT nonetheless it is really cool to read. There are also some hilarious moments to it.

Your Computer: Since you no longer are sitting in an internet cafe with a 10-minute usage limit nor struggling to find free WIFI, remember the awesomeness of unlimited internet. Update your bucket list! Plan your next adventure! Solve world hunger! Whatever your heart desires.

I am sure that throughout your travels, your Facebook friend count went up about 212%. Before you go bragging to all your real-life friends, (which is probably more accurately about 3 people) consider how many of those Facebook friends you actually know. Trust me, when Sarah Smith posted new photos of herself with some group shows up in your news feed and you debate which person is Sarah Smith; chances are, in real life, you will have no idea who the hell they are either. You can spend your afternoon on Facebook deleting people, in addition to your usual creeping. If cutting people out of your virtual life isn’t really your forte, there are loads of travel websites you can enjoy instead:

Lonely Planet

Rough Guides

National Geographic: If nothing else, I could spend hours looking at the stellar photos. There is also a Travel National Geographic Magazine you could peruse.

UNESCO : A list of World Heritage Sites by country!

Hobbies: Now that you have copious amounts of time- since going to that 15 dollar movie would deplete your total savings by about half. In preparation for your next journey, do all those little, inexpensive/free things you’ve wanted to do! 

Become an Artist. Paint/Craft/Scrapbook All those ticket stubs you’ve been saving up while travelling can now be put on display. Remember: you are still poor, so don’t go out and buy the entire craft store. You can, however, use items you have laying around your house or other (preferably friends’) houses. You may eventually have something in common with Martha Stewart other than both having brief stints in jail!

Travel Art 

Become a Master Chef. Now that you have a proper kitchen, let me remind you of a few things. You don’t have to label your food when you put it in the fridge. At this point, your family members/roommates probably know who you are and which room you are occupying. If you have a scalding pot in your hand, you don’t need to wait patiently behind 8 people in order to use the only unclogged sink. Chances are, you may be the only person in your kitchen. Remember the average person has higher health standards than you do. Just because you have built up an immunity to salmonella and prefer warm milk, doesn’t mean that it is universal. Dishwashers, new sponges, refrigerators, and soap are all important in the sanitation process. Recall, what flavour is. Salt isn’t the only spice. *GASP* Shocking, I know. In your next meal, throw in some oregano! Add a dash of something not past its expiration date! Heck, while you’re going crazy, why not add some exotic lemon!?

Become Skilled in Another Language. Strive for something a little more than beer and please. 

WARNING: Although all of these activities are amazing, at some point, you may want to actually look for a job.

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  1. […] Leading up to your next trip, if all your efforts go into saving for travelling you can save more than you think. For example, when you’re at a pub with your friends you opt to drink free water instead of a beer or you go to the library instead of buying a book. I also wrote about some free things to do to pass the time until your next adventure here. […]


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