Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Every country and travel style is different but here is the best way to make your way around Down Under.

Renting a Car

In Australia and Canada, with the vast distances between cities and sites having a car allows you freedom and flexibility.

car relocation is a beauty of a site.


•Juicy rentals (they have a mini kitchen inside!)
•Wicked Campervans apparently break down quite a bit with no compensation to the traveller. I know, they have marvellous paint jobs but many say it’s not worth it.

Buying a car

I know nothing of cars, so even a little knowledge would go a long way when purchasing one. Gumtree may have a gem or two.

Queensland Paperwork:
•registration- in Australia it is mandatory to have your car registered (this is different than insurance). In Canadian terms, it is like AirCare but for every vehicle. You will need to visit a motor vehicle office and fill out paperwork. Every situation is different (we used my cousin’s car who bought it the previous year while travelling himself). If the registration is expired, even more, paperwork is required. This process may take a couple days.
•CTI- mandatory insurance on the car. Go to an insurance company (Suncorp, for instance) to obtain this.
•transfer documents (please note the current owner of the vehicle MUST sign this document regardless if he/she is out of the country)
•proof of local residence driver’s license (if you do not have one you need to fill out the document to show someone who does have it)
•proof of ownership-if you bought the car from another party, you must fill this out to show the value of the car. The government may take 3% of the value for taxes.

All the paperwork is available in a motor vehicle office. Every state has different rules etc. so it’s best to go into an office to figure out what is required.

Public Transport

In Australia, Greyhound Buses try to cater to backpackers. It is a great option if you are a lone traveller but understand they do not travel to remote areas. Rail and bus routes, although not as extensive as in Europe, may be useful.


After considering the cost of fuel, flying may be your best bet. Skyscanner is brilliant for this. The low-budget airlines in Australia are JetStar and Virgin.


“Bike Share” located in Melbourne are those blue bikes you see around town. The way it works is that you pay an initial fee and then you receive 30 minutes free. If you go over the allotted 30 minutes, you will then be charged. If you wish to have an adrenaline rush while travelling but can’t afford skydiving this may be the perfect solution. The locations of these bikes are somewhat easily accessible, if you know the city but trying to get to the desired location in under 30 minutes is difficult. Especially when you arrive, all of the bike spots could be filled. Meaning, you can’t check in your bike so you must race to the next location. Heart pounding.

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