Props for Australia


Whilst doing a road trip in Australia, truck/ rest stops are invaluable. Rest stops offer more amenities than truck stops such as washrooms and picnic tables. Truck stops generally only are a flat piece of land to park.

Along the way, especially on the East Coast places like Gin Gin have complimentary tea or coffee and biscuits (Arnotts brand no less!).

rest stops Australia


McDonalds loose change menu- finally a place to spend those intolerable 50-cent coins that take up half your wallet.

Get this: soft serve cones- 30 cents

Tuesday’s at Dominos: $5.90 for a large regular topping pizza. $6.90 for a more supreme one. You need to order in person to get these deals so get off your lazy ass and walk there.

Supermarkets: Coles has their bread/ pastries at discounted prices usually on Friday evenings. It does depend on the specific store’s location, some may be a different day.

If eating for one or two I pretty much always buy the meat from behind the counter at the deli because the pre-packaged meat is usually too much for one serving.

Markets: usually on Sunday the fruit and veggies are on sale.


If you want the most coverage, Australia- wide go with Telstra. The Vodaphone network covers about as much as a string bikini does.

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