There is no Freshness like Coles Freshness

We were famished. When was the last time we ate? 45 minutes ago? An hour? I didn’t want to let my mind go there. I began to grow weak; mentally and physically. We walked on.

Was there no place in downtown Sydney where one could purchase wholesome, fresh food at reasonable prices?

“I give up! Let’s just go to McDonalds. We weren’t meant to cook our dinner in the comfort of someone else’s kitchen tonight.” – I pleaded

“You’re being dumb. We will find a grocery store.”- my friend calmly advised.

We walked on. Ten, maybe two blocks later we arrived at yet another disappointment of an intersection; or so it seemed. I thought my delusional senses were deceiving me. What is that? With a ray of sunshine illuminating the vibrant red of the curved letter, I stood back.

“Coles” – whispered my friend
“What is that?”
“It might be a grocery store”

And it was.

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